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New Laser Technology Reveals How Ice Measures Up
A photon-counting technique will allow researchers to track the melt or growth of Earth's frozen regions.
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Forecast Antarctic Weather conditions
Antarctic Sea Ice

. During the flight along Amundsen Coast, the aircraft's downward-looking Digital Mapping System camera captured this image of sea ice from an altitude of at least 20,000 feet. over glaciers, two over sea ice, one over the Getz ice shelf, and one to study the Ptopography of the ice sheet on the mission's closest approach to the South Pole...

science flight of NASA's Operation Ice Bridge airborne Earth science mission to study Antarctic ice sheets, sea ice, and ice shelves.

The James Webb Space Telescope has a series of mirrors to get the light from the universe into the observatory's cameras.

 After the light reaches the primary mirror, it is then bounced up 25 feet to the secondary mirror. This much smaller mirror is deployed using three arms, or struts. 

Engineers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center are conducting tests to ensure a successful deployment after launch. 

This episode of Behind the Webb shows us the scope of the task at hand and how the test is being done to simulate a zero-gravity environment. "Behind the Webb"
How One Technology Is Empowering Businesses in Unexpected Ways

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From delivering critical weather data to igniting the passion of 450 million fans, the Microsoft Cloud is enabling organizations to reimagine what’s possible.

The Microsoft Cloud empowers Real Madrid to create a more personal connection with every fan from Madrid to Mumbai. Using Microsoft Azure, Dynamics CRM and Power BI, the club can deliver a unique experience across mobile, streaming video and social media that ignites everyone’s passion as if they were there in the stadium.

Research that once took years, now happens in hours. Using Microsoft Azure and HDInsight, scientists and engineers at Virginia Tech harness supercomputing power to analyze vast amounts of DNA sequencing data and help accelerate a cure for cancer.

Microsoft Azure scales to enable AccuWeather to respond to 10 billion requests for crucial weather data per day. Being prepared for unexpected traffic spikes makes the platform reliable, even during severe weather events.