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The days of a hand-crafted human search algorithm may soon be over. Google has announced RankBrain, a new artificial intelligence that is now processing a “very large fraction” of searches each day. This new … · ByGreg Finn · 2 hours ago
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The digital transformation can best be achieved by adopting automation and artificial intelligence (AI) and the growing symbiosis between Infosys and Oracle is going to help achieve this goal faster than ever, said Infosys …
NDTV · 1 day ago
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Photograph: Facebook/AP Before you laugh at the question, hear me out. Sentiment, commentary and image analysis are the next frontiers on the journey to an artificial intelligence (AI) media landscape, and there are …
The Guardian · 5 minutes ago
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Ronnie Screwvala’s Unilazer Ventures has invested an undisclosed amount in seed funding in a stealth-mode artificial intelligence (AI) startup named The funds will be primarily utilised for product development …
VC Circle · 44 minutes ago
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been changing our lives for decades, but never has AIfelt more ubiquitous than now. It seems as though not a week passes without yet another AI system overcoming an unprecedented …
The Business Insider · 10/26/2015
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San Francisco, Oct 28 (IANS) The digital transformation can best be achieved by adopting automation andartificial intelligence (AI) and the growing symbiosis between Infosys and Oracle is going to help achieve this goal faster than ever, said Infosys CEO ...
Can India News · 1 day ago
A recently deployed artificial intelligence (AI) system is now helping to power a significant portion of Google searches. The AI system known as RankBrain is being used to generate relevant search results for unique …
NewsFactor Network · 6 hours ago
One of these was related to the company's AI or artificial intelligence lab in the U.S. and how it could help people. Zuckerberg in response said that AI is very crucial for the company and that in the coming years, they … · 1 day ago
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But today, both are terrified of the same thing: Artificial intelligence. In a February 2015 Reddit AMA ... In a September 2015 CNN interview, Musk went even further. He said, "AI is much more advanced than people …
ZDNet · ByJason Hiner · 10/20/2015
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing at a furious rate. Personal assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Google Now have moved into the mainstream. They allow us to navigate tasks on our smartphones and in our …
Baseline · BySamuel Greengard · 10/26/2015
With the flood of news on self-driving cars, drones, caring robots, and more, it isn't always easy to keep up-to-date with the latest in the artificial intelligence universe. For the insiders' view on what's happening in AI …
TechRepublic · 10/19/2015
56:50 - Michael Corbat, chief executive of Citigroup Inc., talks about the outlook for the banking industry, the economy and Citigroup's commitment to the community. He speaks to the Economic Club of Washington.
Bloomberg · 16 hours ago
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but another popularly suggested use is in artificial intelligence. Intel has now launched a massive bet on dedicated processors for AI, considering both Saffron and Altera will stack their cumulative server and computing … · 5 hours ago
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San Francisco: The digital transformation can best be achieved by adopting automation and artificial intelligence (AI) and the growing symbiosis between Infosys and Oracle is going to help achieve this goal faster than ever, said Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka.
Gulf News · 1 day ago
Fractal Analytics (, a global provider of advanced analytics, today announced that it has acquired Imagna Analytics, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup founded by Prashant Warier. This is Fractal's second acquisition ... · 3 hours ago
Fractal Analytics
In Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey, the protagonist, astronaut Dr. David Bowman, has a standoff with his spacecraft’s artificial intelligence (AI) system, HAL. After discussing plans with a …
McGill Tribune · 10/27/2015
They are using techniques like 3D bio-printing, artificial intelligence (AI) and smart drugs to predict diseases before they develop, tailoring treatments to individuals rather than the general population and, theoretically at …
International Business Times · 10/22/2015
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It’s here today, and the opportunity for enterprise users to leverage it to become more productive and solve increasingly complex problems is unfolding before our eyes. Now is the ... · 37 minutes ago
Now, though, the company is reportedly handing at least partial control of its crown jewel to an artificialintelligence-based program ... innovation in the company's catalog of products. The AI search program, called RankBrain, has reportedly been ...
Fierce CIO · 10/26/2015
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For the past few months, a “very large fraction” of the queries into the company’s search engine have been interpreted by an artificial intelligence system, nicknamed RankBrain Google has been one of the biggest …
Live Mint · 10/27/2015
For the past few months, Google has been utilizing an artificial intelligence (AI) system to help it interpret its more difficult search queries, according to Bloomberg Business. The system, nicknamed RankBrain, deals …
HNGN · 10/26/2015
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Footage of robots falling over recently caused hilarity on social media. While we may be impressed by their artificial intelligence, humanoids often have an awkward, stumbling gait. Now scientists have developed a new …
Daily Mail · 12 hours ago
In order to push the ‘Made in Japan’ brand further, industrial brains and the private sectors of the country are giving a push to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technolgy, the hidden power of its industrial sector to keep things competitive. UBS Japan ... · 10/27/2015
But since inspiring a generation of artificial intelligence (AI) researchers with a book that many were calling the "bible of AI," Hofstadter has broken ranks with AIresearchers. According to The Atlantic, he hasn't been to … · 10/22/2015
Artificial intelligence is increasingly important to consumer technology. Google, Facebook and Microsoft all have dedicated teams working on AI. They've hired some of the best minds in the field and have plenty of …
News 4 Jax · ByHeather Kelly · 10/16/2015
Google's parent company is now named Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O). The Chinese start-up works on artificial intelligence (AI) voice-controlled software, like that used in Google's Android products for mobile search. Mobvoi …
Yahoo Finance · 10/20/2015
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Google has announced that it is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help it handle up to 15 per cent of search queries. The part of the company’s search algorithm, which has been nicknamed “RankBrain” internally, is thought to be Google’s ...
Castleford · 1 day ago
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True artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is where a computer can be as smart as a human being, at least in the sense of acquiring knowledge both from being taught and from building on what it knows and making new …
Search Engine Land · ByDanny Sullivan · 11 hours ago
Infosys has drawn up a vision to position itself as a next generation services company. Newer technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), big data and analytics and automation will play a big role in this. “When we look … · 18 hours ago
Diagnostic imaging service company, Capitol Health, has partnered with San Francisco-based deep learning startup, Enlitic, to commercialise the company’s deep learning andartificial intelligence (AI) in radiology and …
ARN · 1 day ago
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Sikka said there is an emergence of intelligence services driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). He gave three motivation factors for the change. He said, “AItechnology is fueling the economies around us. The elasticity of …
Silicon Angle · 1 day ago
The AI-powered robot could also detect the emotions of a drive since there was an in-built camera into the robot. However, the robot is not yet psychic. Artificial intelligence is not only playing a key role in the technology, it is also having a role to ... · 1 hour ago
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By integrating advanced vehicle control and safety technologies with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), Nissan is among the leaders developing practical, real-world applications of autonomous drive technology. In August 2013, Ghosn said that by ...
Trade Arabia · 3 hours ago
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It has been discovered that Apple has hired Jonathan Cohen, persuading him to leave his position at Nvidia as director of deep learning, or artificial intelligence (AI). Recode spotted the change of employer on Cohen's …
SlashGear · 10/26/2015
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Cognitive technologies, more broadly referred to as artificial intelligence (AI), simulate human reasoning and perceptual skills, which can give businesses entirely new capabilities and enabling organizations to break prevailing tradeoffs between speed ... · 10/19/2015
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Oren Etzioni, CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, had this to say on Twitter: Etzioni is giving a keynote talk on AI in 2035 at the event Friday. We’ve also got a panel of experts in machine …
Xconomy · 50 minutes ago
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Or should we be really scared? World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and SpaceX leading light Elon Musk are among those concerned at the possibility that artificial intelligence (AI) might evolve to the point that humans ...
THE NATION · 19 hours ago
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I’ve been using the Amazon Echo device for almost a year. And most of what I do is ask Alexa — the virtual assistant in Echo — what the weather is, who won the Rams game, add batteries to my shopping list, or … · 10/9/2015
[Infographic: History of Artificial Intelligence] When people think of artificial intelligence (AI) — the study of the design of intelligent systems and machines — talking computers like Eugene Goostman often come to mind. But most AI researchers are ...
Live Science · 12/4/2014
What is artificial intelligence (AI), and what is the difference between general AI and narrow AI? There seems to be a lot of disagreement and confusion around artificial intelligence right now. The starting point is easy. Simply put, artificial ...
Computer World · 4/10/2015
James Barrat is author of Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era, which expounds a thorough description of the chief players in the larger AI space, along with an arresting sense of where we’re headed with machine ...
Mashable · 8/4/2013
Artificial Intelligence can make you feel stupid. Often the words used to discuss it are miles away from the ones we use every day. It can feel like an exclusive club. This AI alphabet will bring you closer to understanding the language used to talk about ...
BBC · 9/13/2015
“I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race,” astrophysicist Stephen Hawking told the BBC. Tesla founder Elon Musk called AI “our biggest existential threat.” Former Microsoft Chief Executive Bill ...
Wall Street Journal · 6/30/2015
Artificial Intelligence Many disruptive technologies have been first thought up by science fiction writers whose technology inventions were only limited by their imaginations. One of the most pervasive themes in science fiction has been the portrayal of ... · 10/11/2015
While nanotechnology combines the knowledge of physics, chemistry and engineering, AI has heavily relied on biological inspiration to develop some of its most effective paradigms such as neural networks or evolutionary algorithms. Bridging the link between ...
Nano werk · 10/15/2013
Google’s artificial-intelligence researchers believe there are more urgent matters than the potential destruction of humanity at the hands of superintelligent machines, and that anyone talking about how AI will destroy us all is being “preposterous.”
The Wall Street Journal · 6/8/2015
While the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) team works on solving generalized AI problems, smaller groups like Language Technology and Facebook M deploy practical features to users. The birth ofartificial intelligence research at Facebook ...
Popular Science · 9/22/2015
This year, arguably the world's greatest living scientific mind, Stephen Hawking, and its leading techno-industrialist, Elon Musk, voiced their fears about the potentially lethal rise of artificial intelligence. They were joined by philosophers ...
CNN · 12/30/2014
Meanwhile, there is a lot of intriguing progress in Artificial Intelligence. Does IA have the potential to be safer than AI as far as predictability and controllability is concerned? Is it important that we develop IA before super-powerful AGI ...
Io9 · 5/22/2013
This is the first of a couple columns about a growing trend in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is likely ... What do scientists do? They theorize. Big Data in certain cases makes theory either unnecessary or simply impossible.
Beta News · 4/16/2014
In the software arena, people debate the possibility of “strong AI” (artificial intelligence that matches or exceeds human intelligence) but the caravan of “narrow AI” (AI that’s limited to particular tasks) moves steadily forward. One by one ...
The announcement: BOSTON and AUSTIN, October 15, 2015 — Today, Publicis.Sapient, part of Publicis Groupe [Euronext Paris: FR0000130577, CAC40], and Lucid, the leading firm in the commercial application of … · 10/16/2015
According to the movie, empathy is one of the few features that distinguish humans from artificial intelligence (AI). When the test shifts to questions about his mother, Leon stands up, draws a gun, and shoots his interviewer to death. It’s not a happy ... · 7/17/2015
Young Ethiopian with robot whose AI software was created in his country. (courtesy of iCog Labs) Ethiopia is an unlikely but thriving center of artificial intelligence R&D. A local company works for global customers and the government is all for it.
The Huffington Post · 8/26/2015
Elon Musk fears that the development of artificial intelligence, or AI, may be the biggest existential threat humanity faces. Bill Gates urges people to beware of it. Dread that the abominations people create will become their masters, or their ...
The Economist online · 5/7/2015
AI will be built in an era of distrust, and that’s good. But there are some bigger issues here that have nothing to do with distrust. What do we mean by “artificial intelligence”? We like to point to the Turing test; but the Turing test includes an ...
O'Reilly Radar · 6/4/2015
Tesla founder and chief executive Elon Musk unveils the new ... often results in harsh cuts to AI research budgets. But that’s by no means the only risk inherent in Musk’s talk of supernatural (not artificial) intelligence. Technology law and policy ...
Slate · 10/31/2014
The company also reportedly beat Facebook to the deal. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a branch of computer science that aims to make computers behave more like humans, with capabilities such as reasoning, learning and planning. Google already uses …
USA Today · 1/28/2014
Unfortunately, much of the recent outcry against artificial-intelligence weapons has been confused, conjuring robot takeovers of mankind. This scenario is implausible in the near term, but AI weapons actually do present a danger not posed by conventional ...
The Atlantic · 8/14/2015