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New Wearable Antenna Could Aid in Health Monitoring
A new, flexible antenna can be incorporated into wearable health monitoring devices.Credit: Amanda Myers A new, flexible antenna that can stretch and bend with a person's movement could be used in wearable health monitoring devices, say the researchers who designed the device.
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Exploring the world from a single location has been made possible for many years with the help of Google Maps. Yes, with these maps, anyone could find different locations through mappings and also know how to get there safely.
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Bio-electronic health monitoring device

How you ask? Well, it’s simple, instead of all those nifty gadgets that clamp every part of your body to check the vitals, doctors from now will just stick you up with a plaster that’s about an inch in size. Now, this plaster has a transmitting membrane, which acts like an antenna, and also has a number of sensors that keep recording your body functions. The data is then transmitted through the antenna to the clinic, where a medical professional will be monitoring it closely. So if something concerning shows up, you can soon see an ambulance following you. This bio-electronic wearable health monitoring device is made up of a special polymer that attaches itself well to the contour of the skin. And it continues working no matter how much you twist or turn it, so essentially, you have your very own synthetic second skin attached to you.

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A whole new start

So now with this technology in place, patients no longer have to wait unnecessarily for monitoring and can empty their beds for more deserving patients. Also the biometric sensors make the recovery process much quicker and much safer. It is believed that a number of serious health issues like strokes, paralysis or narcolepsy can be effectively monitored using these antenna fitted, wireless monitoring devices. It also allows the patients their much required freedom from the white walls.

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Antennas that connect the world

We live in a world where wireless communication technology has almost become as common as a wrist watch. Almost everything is sent via these packet data that carry information for miles without the requirement of any wires or devices. But yet, a lot of us have been in the situation where we had to be hospitalized for an entire day, just because our doctor thought our condition would become unstable in the future. But finally it’s always the same result after all that excruciating waiting. But not anymore, now doctors don’t need to keep their patients in the hospital to check their heart rate or monitor their vitals or their respiration levels, they can just send them out in the open and monitor their health remotely with the help of antennas.