Nanotechnology___ (NT)

Research is organized into the following eight pillars, each focused on a critical societal issue:

  • NanoMedicine
  • NanoOncology
  • Molecular Electronics
  • NanoEnabled Energy Solutions
  • Environmental Nanotechnology
  • NanoEnabled Solutions for Food and Water
  • Nanotechnology for Security and Defense
  • NanoEducation
The names nanobotsnanoids,nanitesnanomachines, or nanomites have also been used to describe these devices currently under research and development

Nanomachines are largely in the research and development phase

Rice Universityhas demonstrated a single-molecule car developed by a chemical process and including buckyballs for wheels. It is actuated by controlling the environmental temperature and by positioning a scanning tunneling microscope tip.

Another definition is a robot that allows precision interactions with nanoscale objects, or can manipulate with nanoscale resolution. Such devices are more related to microscopy or scanning probe microscopy, instead of the description of nanorobots as molecular machine.

Nanotechnology Corporate Partners (NCP) Program

The IIN works on joint research initiatives with corporations including:

  • Abbott
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Air Liquide
  • Life Technologies
  • Haemonetics
  • AuraSense
  • BASFBaxter
  • Ciba
  • DuPont
  • FEI
  • JEOL, Ltd
  • Motorola
  • Nanosphere, Inc
  • Ohmx Corporation
  • Praxair Technology, Inc.
  • Rohm and Haas
  • Shure Inc.
  • Veeco Instruments Inc.
  • ZEISS Global
Small Business Partnership Commercialization Program

This program links institute researchers with venture capital experts and has resulted in the formation the 20 companies below, which have collectively raised over $700 million in financing:

  • Acumen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • American Bio-Optics
  • AuraSense
  • AuraSense Therapeutics
  • Citrics BioMedical
  • iNfinitesimal
  • Integrated Microdevices
  • Nanodisc
  • NanoIntegris
  • NanoSonix
  • Nanosphere, Inc.
  • Nanotope
  • NUMat Technologies
  • Ohmx Corporation
  • PanaceaNano
  • Polyera
  • PreDx
  • SAMDITech
  • SilenTech
  • Teleios
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