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Portfolio Review
By The New York Times Feb. 6, 2017 Feb. 6, 2017 Comment

Are you a photographer who needs a break and wants to share your work with some of the most important photo editors, publishers, gallery owners and curators in the world? Then you should apply today to the free (yes, free) fifth annual New York Portfolio Review, sponsored by The New York Times Lens blog and the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Participation is open to anyone over 18 years, and all types of photography will be considered. But remember, time is running out and the deadline is Feb. 12 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

Since we believe that only the quality of your work should matter — not who you know, how much money you have or your race, gender, ethnic background or sexual orientation, we are again bringing together 150 talented photographers with 75 top photo editors, publishers, video producers, gallery owners and curators for two days of private sessions on April 29th and 30th.

This will be an opportunity for people in the photographic community to meet, trade ideas, help each other — and have fun.

The first session, on Saturday, April 29, will be held for photographers 21 and older. Each participant will receive six private critiques. The second session, on Sunday, April 30, will be solely for photographers 18 to 27 and will consist of at least four private critiques for each participant, as well as workshops on how to best present, promote and publish photographs. We will screen all applicants and choose 100 participants for Saturday and 50 for Sunday. All kinds of photographic work — from fine art to photojournalism — are encouraged.

Please note: Photographers who attended last year’s review are not eligible to apply this year. Those who attended once in previous years can apply for this year’s review, but they must submit new work and expectations will be higher. Those who have already attended the review twice cannot apply.

Once photographers are selected, they will submit their top choices for reviewers of their work. We will match participants with as many of those reviewers as possible.

To enter, send no more than 20 photos total, from one or two projects, using the form below. The files should be jpegs, 1,200 pixels across and 72 D.P.I. We will inform those who are accepted by March 21.

Note: Be sure to triple-check the email address you submit. In the past, people have been accepted into the review, but we couldn’t reach them because of a misspelling in their address.

A list of reviewers is under the submission form below.

New York Portfolio Review 2017
Sorry, but the deadline for the 2017 Lens Portfolio Review has passed.

If you have any questions, you can send us an email.

Our lineup of reviewers this year includes:

Elizabeth Avedon, correspondent, L’Oeil de la Photographie
Felicia Anastasia, owner, Anastasia Gallery
Daniel Aycock, owner, Front Room Gallery
Stacey Baker, photo editor, The New York Times Magazine
Sam Barzilay, creative director, United Photo Industries and Photoville
Jacqueline Bates, photography director, The California Sunday Magazine
Liz Baylen, director of video enterprise, The New York Times
Deborah Bell, president and owner, Deborah Bell Photographs
Jonathan Blaustein, contributing writer, A Photo Editor
Elliot Jerome Brown Jr., exhibitions coordinator, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts
Clinton Cargill, director of photography, Bloomberg Businessweek
Eliezer Budasoff, editor, New York Times en Español.
Sam Cate-Gumpert, deputy art director, Harper’s Magazine
Pamela Chen, editorial director, Instagram
Stacey Clarkson, art director, Harper’s Magazine
Rhea Combs, curator for photography and film, National Museum of African American History and Culture
Sean Corcoran, curator, Museum of the City of New York
Jonas Cuénin, editor-in-chief, L’Oeil de la Photographie
Tanner Curtis, national photo editor, The New York Times
Barbara Davidson, staff photographer, The Los Angeles Times
Mike Davis, board member, Alexia Foundation
Jessica Dimson, deputy photo editor, The New York Times Magazine
Shaminder Dulai, director of photography, Newsweek
James Estrin, co-editor, The New York Times Lens blog
Michael Famighetti, editor, Aperture magazine
Beth Flynn, deputy editor of photography, The New York Times
Maura Foley, national photo editor, The New York Times
Hannah Frieser, executive director, Center for Photography in Woodstock
David Furst, international photo editor, The New York Times
Genevieve Fussell, photo editor, The New Yorker
Jeffrey Furticella, sports photo editor, The New York Times
Alice Gabriner, senior photo editor, Time magazine
Alessia Glaviano, senior photo editor, Vogue Italia
MaryAnne Golon, assistant managing editor and director of photography, The Washington Post
David Gonzalez, co-editor, The New York Times Lens blog
Amanda Gorence, photo editor, Refinery29
Becky Lebowitz Hanger, sports photo editor, The New York Times
Todd Heisler, board member, Chris Hondros Foundation
Eric Himmel, vice president and editor in chief, Abrams Books
Lisa Hostetler, curator-in-charge, Department of Photography, Eastman House
Jérôme Huffer, head of photo department, Paris Match
W. M. Hunt, independent curator/collector, Dancing Bear
Nicolas Jimenez, director of photography, Le Monde
Whitney Johnson, deputy director of photography, National Geographic Magazine
Michael Kamber, founder, Bronx Documentary Center
Steven Kasher, owner, Steven Kasher Gallery
Debra Klomp Ching, owner, Klompching Gallery
Elizabeth Krist, independent photo editor
Adrees Latif, editor in charge, U.S. Pictures, Reuters
Olivier Laurent, editor, Time LightBox
Sacha Lecca, deputy photo editor, Rolling Stone
Sarah Leen, director of photography, National Geographic Magazine
Brent Lewis, photo editor, The Undefeated Magazine
Eve Lyons, photo editor, The New York Times
Santiago Lyon, former director of photography, The Associated Press
Kerri MacDonald, social media photo editor, The New York Times
Morrigan McCarthy, national photo editor, The New York Times
Michele McNally, director of photography and assistant editor, The New York Times
Sarah Meister, curator, Museum of Modern Art
Joanna Milter, director of photography, The New Yorker
Paul Moakley, deputy photo editor, Time magazine
Azu Nwagbogu, founder and director, African Artists’ Foundation and Lagos Photo Festival
Evan Ortiz, digital photo editor, Bloomberg Pursuits
Kira Pollack, director of photography and visual enterprise, Time
Jenna Pirog, virtual reality editor/producer, The New York Times Magazine
Gabriela Rangel, director of visual arts and chief curator, The America Society
Tim Rasmussen, director of photography, ESPN
Emma Raynes, director of programs, Magnum Foundation
Siobhan Riordan, exhibition associate, Open Society
Kathy Ryan, director of photography, The New York Times Magazine
Bertan Selim, grants & collaborations coordinator, Prince Claus Fund
Sandra M. Stevenson, Visual Editor — Digital, The New York Times
Noelle Flores Theard, program associate, Magnum Foundation
Scott Thode, director of art and education, Visura
Paula Tognarelli, executive director and curator, Griffin Museum of Photography
Thea Traff, photo editor, The New Yorker
David Walker, executive editor, Photo District News
Damon Winter, staff photographer, The New York Times
Patrick Witty, deputy director of photography for digital, National Geographic
Denise Wolff, senior editor, books, Aperture Foundation
Tim Wride, curator of photography, Norton Museum of Art
Yukiko Yamagata, associate director, Open Society
Cynthia Young, curator, International Center of Photography

Laura Roumanos, of United Photo Industries and Photoville, Ania Bartkowiak, producer of the Lens blog, and Whitney Richardson, photo editor at The New York Times, will be producing this event.

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