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How To Flip Websites For Profit?
If you want to make $100/hr while learning to BUILD a virtual property portfolio that generates $100,000 per year, you'll want to check out...

A brief summary of a recent Virtual Real Estate Workshop...

This system is so simple yet so powerful that there are literally thousands of opportunities to profit in all sorts of untapped niches. Because of the current economic conditions, this is the best time to get into Virtual Real Estate market -

  • Step-by-step, click-by-click exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it (you literally watch on your computer screen what we are doing on the screen, pause the "screen capture" video, and go DO it yourself on your computer.)

to make sure you have all the required skills.)

  • You know how to use a computer keyboard and have basic typing skills, even if it's the old "hunt and peck" method...

  • You can surf the web, click links, send email, navigate to web addresses and generally "get around" on the Internet... You know that Google is the name of a company AND a verb!

  • You know there's a difference between "left mouse click" and "right mouse click"...

  • You know what "copy and paste" means...

  • You can use Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel...

  • You know the difference between a crappy looking website, a nice one...

  • You own a PC or Mac and have Internet access...

  • You have a burning desire to learn, once and for all, how YOU can set up your own money-making system flipping websites...

When you answer YES to all of these questions, then you can feel confident that you have the skills necessary to complete this course...

How to Buy and Flip Niche Websites

Flipping Websites For Quick Money
By []L Bees

Flipping Websites and Blogs is the system of making a internet site from the beginning with minimum investment of time and money, then turning around and selling it for a generous profit and you're going to find out how in this video course.

Flipping Web Sites is successfully involves applying a step-by-step money-making operation rather than any "technical" factors or "special" knowledge. You can follow and develop a system of throwing together a "quick and dirty" mini-web site and flip it for instant cash within HOURS! This course is very broad and very clear so you can start flipping Websites immediately by simply following my step-by-step directions. Here's what you get in the course:

The How To Flip Websites Home Study Manual, containing A-to-Z instructions and examples6 Multi-Media Video Lessons, featuring an expert internet site flipper "Mr X" showing you the entire system from initial Idea to Auction Block You'll see everything happen "live" right before your eyes! You can feel comfortable knowing you have everything you need to make money online flipping Internet Sites, starting today. A Simple six step system for creating niche content Websites that people are willing to pay cash for! includes ....

How to Discover new niches to exploit and receive details for free via email!
Find how to find relevant key words for your niche - for Free!
Learn which subjects to focus on and which subject areas should be avoided.
Find out what Google and MSN are looking for in a good internet site and how to provide it!
Find Out how to purchase domain names and the one important thing you need to do with your name to make your site profitable.
Find out where you can get Free hosting for enough time to flip your site!
Get links to Free web site templates that require little or no programming skills to set up a internet site in minutes.
Find Out SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and bring visitors and profits to your sites.
Find out how to get content for your Internet Sites without writing a single word!
Learn the Three things essential to your website in order to monetize it.
Obtain a method which can turn $300 into $30,000 in under 6 months!
How and where to sell your site before it has made even $1 profit.
Get great tips and advice for selling Websites and Blogs at auction.

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How To Flip Websites Home Study Course

if you want to:

  • Create a part-time income of $1,000 to $3,000 per month, working no more than 10 hours/week so that you can eventually -

  • Establish a portfolio of websites that you buy and hold that eventually generate up to $100,000 of passive income.

The How to Flip Websites Home Study System will, when you follow it step-by-step, make you real money -

The How To Flip Websites Multimedia Video Home Study Course is designed for someone who is a little cash-strapped, knows how to surf the web, likes to be online and wants to make $100/hour with a hobby that can turn into a $100,000/year passive income stream- to learn more visit>

(easy-to-learn basic strategies)

Once you uncover the MISSING LINK, you'll learn the simple process of flipping websites for profit that even a fifth grader could follow. You'll be in a position to create as many additional paychecks as you want... as often as you want... to pay credit card and bills- to read more Click Here

The best part about flipping websites is that you can do it from home- -REVIEWS


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In this video, I talk about how I bought a small business blog that was making $400 a month, then did some renovations to increase the income and two years later sold it for $25,000. This is a true website flipping case study that demonstrates what is possible when you buy the right type of website...

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