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A Rock With Mastodon Carving Discovered at the Underwater Stonehenge of Lake Michigan
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Mercedes Car Driving Vehicle Transportation Drive

Mercedes, Car, Driving, Vehicle
footage about Mercedes, Car, Driving's library of images, and videos - 2031
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Children's Books

PlayTime ~
"Right here, you're looking at 200 rejection letters," said Antonio Sacre as he opened a session of the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in September, titled "How and How Not to Get Your Children's Book Published." Sacre …
Oklahoma News · 23 hours ago
In-depth coverage >
FARGO—At 3:30 p.m. one afternoon, Elizabeth Raum received a special call. An elementary-age boy was on a school bus in Utah, calling from his cellphone to tell Raum that she's his favorite writer "in the whole world.
INFORUM · ByAnna G. Larson · 20 hours ago
Fargo woman
Sitting at a table in the employee break room of a Barnes and Noble in a high-end shopping center in San Antonio, Boris Diaw was in his element. Wearing a National Geographic T-shirt and sipping on a coffee from …
CBS Sports · 12/26/2015
Boris Diaw
How do you feel about snow? Do you embrace it as one of nature’s most glorious gifts – or do you prefer to view it from a distance, preferably while wrapped in eiderdown? It doesn’t matter; either way you and your …
The Christian Science Monitor · 12/27/2015
picture books
SOUTH BEND — The conference room is a sea of white paper, colored markers, magazine clippings and chattering children. But there's a method to this madness. The result is literature. A group of 10 budding young …
South Bend Tribune · ByMargaret Fosmoe · 12/26/2015
Children show the children books are playing a vital role in entertaining and enlightening young minds.
. The most interesting thing is that encyclopedia is also written in simple language for children to make easy to understand.
While there's plenty to praise among the back catalogues of Dickens, Austen and the rest of Britain's bookish best, we like to source our inspiration from the authors who catered for our childhood years. We're talking …
Radio Times · 12/26/2015

The love of reading is one of the most influential gifts we can give children. Teaching children to read is vital but they must also learn to love books and know its importance. Children whose families read together enter kindergarten with measurably ...
pulse.ng · 7/13/2015

If you're looking for quality children's books either to read with your kids or just for your own enjoyment, you can't go wrong with the Rosetta Project. There are literally thousands of free books here, all beautifully illustrated and available for free ...
Lifehacker · 8/5/2007

When I heard Amazon had made a list of "100 Children's Books to Read in a Lifetime," I had a feeling I'd be familiar with most of them. It turns out I've read 71 of these titles, which isn't bad — though the list does make me want to reread a few as an ...
USA Today · 7/31/2014

Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker -- A book about the importance of listening. A definite read during the first week of school :) More Nonstop Talker, First Day Of School Book, Social Skills, Lacey Walker, Children SBooks, Classroom Management, Kid, Picture ...
pinterest.com · 11/24/2014

UD professor turns research into children's books University of Delaware professor Danielle Dixson turns her research papers into children'sbooks. Check out this story on delawareonline.com: http://delonline.us/1QYKoZQ
Delaware Online · 5 hours ago
UD professor
No one is able to know about something we don’t know exists. That might sound really obvious, but sometimes we forget about that, especially when it come to children. To understand a child’s world, we have to be …
Madison Courier · 16 hours ago
Read aloud
Research papers can contain quite a bit of complicated and academic language. Danielle Dixson knows that. But the assistant professor at the University of Delaware's Lewes campus wants to have her research be …
Rock Hill Herald · 12/27/2015
During their development stage children have various imaginations and lot of questions  Parents and teachers should guide and create an interest of reading books in the children. Children books are very helpful and useful for kids - knowledge about this amazing world.  all the books children like fairy tales and adventurous story books. To attract the children these stories are described with animated pictures. Children prefer the books which were written in simple language.
Joel Horwood had just turned 32 the first time he read I Want My Hat Back, the Canadian children’s picture book about a bear, its pointy red hat and “the bleak existentialism of murder.” Like millions before him — …
The Star · 12/27/2015

Naturally, Children like to play!

 Reading books is a good habit - children must cultivate the habit of reading books. To survive in this competitive world, everyone should get knowledge on all issues. For children must be aware of the realities in life. 
Lost My Name, a London-based company, is taking that a step further, using technology to make personalizedchildren's books that not only substitute a child's name for the protagonist's, but also weave the plot around information submitted by parents.
Washington Post · 1 day ago

Children prefer - interesting and interactive stories. with these books they do not loose their interest in the middle of the story.  by  keeping this point in the mind books are written to attract the children.  books are classified into various categories such as traditional books, story books and fiction books.
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman prepares to change roles from prosecutor to judge, she is releasing her secondchildren’s book – with the latest edition designed to …
CBS Philly · 12/26/2015

Parents desperately trying to find a way to get their children to fall asleep at night may soon have a new favorite author. A self-published book called "The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep" by Swedish author Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin has shot to the top ...
Today.com · 8/18/2015

How Picture Books Influence Materialism in Children." "I read three or four books a night as a babysitter and started noticing how much greed there was in children's books and became deeply concerned," says Franz, who is double-minoring in studio arts …
Phys · 4/18/2013

Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) Share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) It’s more than just …
WISH-TV · 1 day ago

Once upon a time (five years ago), e-books for children came on shiny CD-ROMs that cost $40, plus a few dollars for sales tax. Today’s children’s e-books cost just that sales tax. All you need is a $500 iPad. Just a fad, you say? Perhaps, but recent e ...
Gadgetwise · ByWarren Buckleitner · 3/29/2011

There's a whole new way to read your kids to sleep these days — or to distract them while you are trying to get something done. If you have a smartphone or an iPad, you can download a kidsbook app in no time. From classics to stories created ...
NPR News · 3/28/2011


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Give it a Title?

White Fang 
by Jack London 
 3.91 avg rating — 92,364 ratings

My Father's Dragon (My Father's Dragon, #1) 
by Ruth Stiles Gannett 
 4.08 avg rating — 21,735 ratings

The Railway Children 
by E. Nesbit 
 3.97 avg rating — 29,346 ratings

Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, #2) 
by Lewis Carroll 
 4.08 avg rating — 64,086 ratings

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Oz, #1) 
by L. Frank Baum 
 3.97 avg rating — 231,695 ratings

Treasure Island 
by Robert Louis Stevenson 
 3.81 avg rating — 258,781 ratings

The Adventures of Buster Bear 
by Bob Blaisdell 
 4.04 avg rating — 186 ratings

The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel 
by Thornton W. Burgess 
 4.05 avg rating — 260 ratings

Read Tons of Classics-Children's Books
Children's Books
Read Tons of Classics for Free!

The National Endowment for the Humanities' classic children's literature books list.

Got Stuff for You!

Writers, illustrators:
Have we got stuff for you! Start 

What activity can you encourage that will be more vital to your child's future than a love of reading?

For young children, a mystique grows around reading. They instinctively recognize reading and writing as a huge part of what separates them from adults.You can help them hold on to this love, or you can allow it be lost... forever.

See Dick. See Jane. See Dick read Jane a boring book. 
"No, Dick, no!"

There are a gazillion children's books out there. Do you need help finding the ones that'll hold a child's interest? That's what we're here for.

Waterslide Illustrations 
Hi there! My name is Miriam Rue and I am a digital illustrator. I love drawing unique characters with motions and expressions to match! My style is …

Unique Style, Vivid Colors 
Make your book stand out! Incredibly unique art style and vivid colors! With my art, the purpose is to stand out. You see the book on the shelf, …

Experienced Illustrator  
Experienced Children's Book Illustrator It's an amazing feeling to be able to bring an author's words and ideas to life through illustration, especially …

Southern Illustrators (U.S.) 
My name is Sorista, and I've been sketching and drawing since age five, declaring that I would grow up to be an artist. These days I live in the country …

Indian (Asia) Illustrators 
I'm a creative and highly professional animation director, concept artist & illustrator with a Bachelor of Arts and over 18 years of experience in art …

African Illustrators 
I am an illustrator and comic artist, based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, with more than 20 years in the illustration industry in east Africa. I have illustrated …

Bring Your Story to Life! 
Trust and clear communication are essential in developing a book that is inspired. I love what I do, and I do what I love; who could ask for more? …

Illustrator - Recent Grad 
My name is Heather Taylor, and I am a recent graduate from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, with a bachelor of fine arts in Illustration. …

International illustrator 
Jenny is an internationally renowned English illustrator living in France. Her fresh and vibrant illustrations and designs have graced books, porcelain …

Italian Illustrator 
My name is Silvia. I am 30 and live near Milan, Italy. Think of me as the Lady of Shalott. Since I was a child I have loved art. I have been attending …

Children's Book Specialty 
I am a professional illustrator who has enjoyed illustrating dozens of books for self-publishers. My preferred style is whimsical, but I can illustrate …

Palette of wonder 
I'm Taylor Mallatt and I am a Purdue University graduate, crazy cat lover, published illustrator, and intuitive dreamer! I received my BFA in Visual …

Enchanting Illustrations 
I am a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor's in illustration. Many authors I have created art for have been enchanted - or at …

Traditional Media and Digital 
I can work in both traditional media and digital. Unlike some artists who work in digital, however, I use a soft approach that emulates traditional media. …

Colored Pencil Illustrators 
Children's Book Illustrator ~~ Zetta Hupf I have had a love for illustrating since childhood. My illustrations are done freehand and with love …

Traditional Detailed Children's Book Illustrations 
Detailed, light-hearted, award-winning art of people, pets, nature settings and homey scenes, with traditional fairytale and fantasy themes a popular specialty; …

Northwestern Illustrators (U.S.) 
Welcome! My name is Tiffany Sheely. I am an artist/illustrator located within the state of Montana. I am very familiar with the collaborative …

Lisa J. Michaels - Children's Book Illustrator 
Art versus Illustration: I take the word "illustrator" very seriously. I believe there's a huge difference between an artist and an illustrator. …

Canadian Illustrators 
Wes has been an illustrator for many years. He has illustrated for children's book publishers and also for organizations such as National Geographic. …

Rosemarie Gillen - Illustrator 
My name is Rosemarie Gillen, I am a freelance professional children's illustrator. I believe there are several things that create a good children's …

California Illustrators 
Painter-Illustrator My artwork can be found in museums and private-public collections throughout the world. I have received major artist grants …

Kim Sponaugle  
I think there are several ingredients necessary to create a children's book illustration that can touch the heart, teach, and communicate what the author …

Eric Hammond - Stories in Pictures 
Telling stories in pictures is more than representing words in art; the details of an illustration should draw the reader, young or old, into a different …

The Painted Dog 
I have been creating fantasy and children's art for seven years now. My style is inspired by Grimm's fairy tales and Aesop's fables, with the design inspiration …

Click here to write your own.

Offering artwork free to build portfolio 
Volunteering art skills, to build portfolio in childrens book illustration work As a life long, self taught artist, I am only now contemplating future …

Cute and simple  
Cute and simple children's book illustrations What should I say about my illustration? Illustration is the one thing I live for. It the best thing …

Freelance Artist and Illustrator 
I do a versatile range of artwork and illustrations, ranging from watercolour paintings to pencil and pen drawings, of almost anything. I can also produce …

Uncommon Illustrator 
A Unique & Uncommon Children’s Book Illustrator The world of self-publishing has certainly changed the landscape of the publishing world in recent …

Watercolour Artist 
Rosemarie Khan, illustrator and watercolour artist Varied watercolour paintings, pen and pencil drawings, very versatile. I have already done an illustration …

Colorful Splendor 
Colorful Splendor: The Art of Kaleb-Bryan As an artist, I love to bring out the romantic, softened, yet powerful underlying to my work. Though I've …

A Passion for Illustrating 
My name is Jonathan RAMBININTSOA, and I've been a web developer for several years. During all these years I've always been drawing. Recently I decided …

Imagine it like this... 
I am a free-lance, self-taught artist, who has raised 5 children on 3 continents. I have received informal private instruction from other more experienced …

Coloring Book Fun 
I can work in a lot of styles and media and love to do line work. The samples here show a super clean style and a bouncier line style. There are also some …

Imagination Inspired 
Artwork to inspire the imagination My aim is to produce art which engages children. I believe that interesting and imaginative images are needed to …

Expressive Artwork 
Expressive Artwork to make YOUR Stories Come to Life As a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, and freelance illustrator for over 9 …

Detailed or Cartoonish! 
Legend has it that I was born with a crayon in my hand, but really, I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I have always enjoyed telling …

Illustration that comes alive 
I have been illustrating for the past nine years. I am versatile in using many mediums, but I am most experienced in digital illustrating. I can illustrate …

Visualizing Your Imagination 
Too Much Fun! I can't think of anything I would rather do than bring to vision the imagination! I have had the pleasure to illustrate several children's …

Cartoon Like or Realistic Style Illustrations 
Hello, My name is Christina Cartwright and I am an illustrator of children's books. Art is my passion and it shows in my work. I love what I do! …

Animal Sketches 
Alice the Artist I can create illustrations of animals, children, adults, fictional characters, cartoon-ish looks to highly detailed illustrations …

Cartoon Line Art with Color 
My specialty is Line Art Cartoon Illustrations with digital colors using Photoshop. My style is a fusion of Walt Disney "Stretch and Squash" expression, …

Cartoon or Fine Art  
Cartoon or fine art illustrations I'm a mum of two inspiring children. I have a little studio in my house in France. I'm English and lived in America …

Florida Illustrators 
I love to create fun and whimsical illustrations that are full of life and color. I create my illustrations by hand and then import them to a computer …

Digital Illustration 
I use my art to convey a story in just one image. I like people to create a world with my art, to help them imagine. I would say I completed my goal …

Christian Illustrators 
I am a Ringling School of Art graduate. I have been in the art field professionally for over 30 years. Working with clients such as Pepsi, Mc Donalds, …

Cartoonists, Animators, Caricaturists 
Hello authors! My name is Loring Thompson and it would be my pleasure to illustrate your very special literary accomplishment. I have over thirty years …

Eastern European illustrators 
Dear publisher, My name is Natalia Logvanova! I am the artist, the illustrator, the designer from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. I wish to get acquainted …

Digital & Traditional Illustration & Graphic Design 
I am a Digital & Traditional Illustrator based in beautiful Bucks County, PA. I am skilled in Children's Illustration and Editorial Illustration, as well …

Funny Illustrations 
the world of fidel penaranda jr. My style is GOTHIC, though others have called it "horror," it seems. This style evokes the creepiness of old …

Click here to write your own.

Abby's Art World 
I graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, with a drawing concentration. I am an illustrator, printmaker, and painter. …

Raised in Art Museums 
RESUME: I was raised in art museums, was surrounded by Rembrandt and Picasso, as well as ancient Chinese and Egyptian art. (I especially love the styles …

Storybook Art 
Self taught, I am still learning, as are all artists. I strive to create art that depicts narrative, characterization, setting, color harmony - key …

Fantasy Illustrators 
Illustrated Dreams is the title of San Diego artist Josh Hunter's portfolio. The award-winning illustrator of "The Little Hope Book," Hunter's …

Pen(cil) and Watercolor Illustrations 
Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to draw. To start with, she drew the usual things kids draw: indecipherable scribbles developed into …

An Artist Who Knows Kids! 
Mud Pies and Pillow Fights - An Artist Who Knows Kids! I do book cover illustration, story-board illustration, conceptual illustration, and fine art. …

Old Style Fairytale/Fantasy Illustration 
Experience Alan's visions. My style is fairytale/fantasy, old school style. I work in both color - watercolor and acrylic - and pen and ink, as …

Taste of Bluegrass: Dyann J Callahan 
I have specialized in very detailed wildlife and fantasy art in a variety of mediums. The human form in sculpture or painting is another specialty …

Prolific illustrator 
I am a prolific illustrator with extensive journalism experience. With more than 20 years working as a newspaper illustrator, I have developed many …

Southwestern Illustrators (U.S.) 
From the "Art" of Texas: illustration for children's books, novels, comics, and more! My artwork is very eclectic. I am constantly trying new innovative …

Pen and Ink artists 
I have a Bachelor of Arts from St. Joseph's College. I do mostly pencil, pen and ink, but I love transparent watercolor and acrylic as well. I am comfortable …

Far East Illustrators 
Cute, Fun, Colorful, Digital and Traditionally Drawn Illustrations Hello! My name is Raquel Li, and I am a self-taught artist who can work in both …

Greek Designer 
I studied Mathematics and Graphic Arts in Thesaloniki - Greece. I'm Chief Designer for a well-known publishing house in Greece that produces printed …

Australian Illustrators 
My original water colour illustrations capture a child's imagination in a colourful way. I make big, bright, colourful paintings. About me I am a …

Active Art 
I would like to make your book a lively, fun and exciting experience for your readers. I love illustrating children's books. I have worked as an …

U.K. Illustrators 
New Age, Cosmic, Intergalactic Imaginarium Welcome. I am Daniel; I create a wide range of beautifully coloured illustrations for almost any twists …

New England Illustrators (U.S.) 
Versatile Designer Wants to Make Your Vision Come To Life Hello, My name is Julie Thurlow, and I am an artist and graphic designer from Massachusetts. …

New York Illustrators 
Queenie Wong, from Brooklyn, fell in love with drawing as a child. Since then, I've found that drawing could bring me true happiness and fulfillment. …

Illustrations by Faythe 
My illustration teacher taught me to meet deadlines, and if it's not your best to keep working on it...or start over. I've illustrated three published …

Midwestern Illustrators (U.S.) 
MadSpiderStudio - Great Illustration at Reasonable Rates! I am an experienced professional illustrator with over six years of experience. My work …

Native American Art and Illustrations 
As an artist, several years ago, I became engrossed in Native American myths and legends, mainly Hopi. I've assembled a small but colorful library of facts …

Whimsical Illustrators 
Delightful Tales Illustrations I work in watercolors, pen and ink, and digitally, often combining all three to get the most dynamic effect. …

Latin America Illustrators 
Fun Children's Book Illustrator with Animation Background Hey there! My name is Leo Antolini; I´m an illustrator with a background in animation. …

Western European Illustrators 
I came from Poland, but now I'm beginning a new life in my beloved city of Barcelona. I am a young and enthusiastic illustrator, but experienced. …

My areas of expertise vary from oil painting, watercolor painting, drawing mediums, and printmaking techniques. With a Masters of Fine Arts …

Click here to write your own.

Mid-Atlantic Illustrators (U.S.) 
Hello out there! My name is Karen Ross Ohlinger. I am a self taught artist. I started my career with Federated Department Stores, where I became …

Browse artists who didn't write much! 
I can do any style of illustration you want, I've published and illustrated for other authors. I work fast. My work is high quality, and here's …

Collage Artists 
Alice Feagan - Illustrator Alice Feagan is a freelance illustrator specializing in cut paper collage. Her illustrations are playful, graphic and …

Comic and Graphic Novel Artists 
Hello, My name is Tara O'Connor. I'm a recent graduate of Marywood University. I earned my degree in Art Education and obtained a minor in Illustration. …

I am perhaps best with a simple pencil and piece of paper, but I love painting also. As an illustrator, I believe drawings, paintings and most …

Middle East Illustrators 
My exposure to art started in 1997. As an Interior Design student, my lines were very architectural and detailed. I wanted to soften my lines and make …

Scottish and Irish Illustrators 
Having just graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a 2:1 in Fine Art Sculpture, I have re-discovered my love for drawing and painting. I have …

Western Illustrators (U.S.) 
I am a freelance artist and children's book illustrator. My artwork is very bright, happy, positive, cute, and whimsical. Children love it.

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