Video 1 of 3 - Turn $10 Into $10,000 in 30 Days with Real Estate
Find out how to get started for $1: I taped a 3-part step-by-step course designed for those who want to not only make some easy money in real estate now with the two million bank-owned properties currently on the market, but also build a job replacement vehicle so being employed becomes something you only do if you want to, not because you have to.
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How to Buy Real Estate without Cash or Credit - Lecture I delivered to the University of Central Florida Real Estate School on How to Buy Real Estate without Cash or Credit.
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How To Communicate Effectively _

Secrets Of Great Communicators

Better Communication In A Relationship _

Communication Secrets _ Find and tell your story

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How to Eat for a Flat Belly in 5 Days - 5 Food Combining Tips - BEXLIFE
♥ MY NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS: ♥ GET MIKE'S BRAND NEW EBOOK: ♥ FREE WEIGHT LOSS MEDITATION: ------- GET MORE GOOD STUFF BELOW ------- Getting a hot body is a more than a few spots down on the list of why I eat clean and exercise regularly, but it's on there.
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 Favorite Quotes

"The important thing is not
being afraid to take a chance.
Remember, the greatest failure
is to not try. Once you find
something you love to do, be
the best at doing it."
- Debbi Fields

"The winners in life think
constantly in terms of I can, I
will, and I am. Losers, on the
other hand, concentrate their
waking thoughts on what they
should have or would have done,
or what they can't do."
- Dennis Waitley

"There is no royal, flower-
strewn path to success. And if
there is, I have not found it.
For if I have accomplished
anything in life, it is because
I have been willing to work
hard." - C.J. Walker

"Whatever the mind of man can
conceive and believe, it can
achieve. Thoughts are things!
And powerful things at that,
when mixed with definiteness of
purpose, and burning desire,
can be translated into riches."
- Napoleon Hill
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Seller financing has been a hot issue due to the changes in regulations and market conditions. When we hear Seller Financing the first thing that comes to mind is the Dodd-Frank Act. Stated simply, seller financing is where the seller holds the mortgage for the buyer instead of a traditional lender such as a bank. However, there are some set of rules that are always … [Read more...]

Are you considering selling your home? Selling your home can be a complex process.

Do you have a strategy in place to maximize this opportunity? 
make a plan and go with it. Use these 10 tips to drive traffic to your open house and then convert the visitors into buyers and sellers. Make visiting your open house an experience for every person who walks through the … [Read more...]

Architecture and Design
Planned Communities

Real Estate Info.  »  HOW DO YOU HANDLE THIS?
by MARKETING Optimization Optimization MARKETING

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Leading Coach - Leadership Communication Coaching for ...
Robert Burnside is a leadership and communication coach working with groups or individual executives. He has clients in Japan (Tokyo), New Zealand, Hong Kong ...
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 a professional speaker and storyteller;

he is experienced in international business, energetic, engaging 
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Meet Nano, the Tiniest Kitten Ever Saved by an Incredible Cat Rescue Organization (PHOTOS)

Feral cats may look just like domesticated cats, but they actually couldn’t be more different. Domesticated cats are used to interacting with humans, have a guardian to call their own, and even if they wander outside, they always have a home to come back to. Feral cats, on the other hand, are not well versed in human interaction, fend for themselves and the other members of their feral colony, and take up shelter anywhere they can - be it under raised buildings, in sheds, under porches, or under the hoods of cars. The ASPCA currently estimates that there about 20 million free-roaming cats in this country. While many of these cats are able to adapt and thrive outdoors, frigid winters or a dry

0 0 - Leadership Communication Coaching for ...
Find Customer Reviews and Ratings of Leading-Coach.comRobert Burnside is a leadership and communication coach working with groups or individual ...
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Presentation training

A presentation is a brief, 

insightful conversation
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