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Type of business Subsidiary
Type of site
Social network service Available in Multilingual (24) Founded December 28, 2002; 13 years ago
Mountain View, California, U.S. Headquarters Sunnyvale, California, U.S. Area served Worldwide Founder(s) Reid Hoffman
Allen Blue
Konstantin Guericke
Eric Ly
Jean-Luc Vaillant Key people Reid Hoffman (Chairman)
Jeff Weiner (CEO) Industry Internet Revenue US$3 billion (2015)[1] Net income US$−166 million (2015)[1] Employees 9,732 (March 2016)[2] Parent Microsoft Corporation Slogan(s) Relationships Matter[3] Website www.linkedin.com Alexa rank 15 (November 2016)[4] Advertising Google, AdSense Registration Required Users 106 million active users (September 2016)[5] Launched May 5, 2003; 13 years ago Current status Active
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Group to create guidelines for tackling pregnancy and maternity ...
Glasgow Live-Dec 4, 2016
A new group will meet for the first time this week to create guidelines for tackling pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace.
Kroger sued by Nashville woman for pregnancy discrimination in ...
The Tennessean-Nov 15, 2016
In a class action lawsuit filed Tuesday, Craddock is seeking a policy change from Kroger that will allow pregnant women to receive workplace ...
The New And Evolving Standard For Accommodating Pregnant ...
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)-Dec 8, 2016
Pregnancy is a common occurrence in the industry, and employers want ... There is no prior workplacelaw utilizing a similar standard, leaving ...
The Justice System Continues to Defend Pregnant Workers' Rights
Slate Magazine (blog)-Nov 14, 2016
Lyndi Trischler was the first officer to become pregnant in the history of ... likely that pregnant women denied workplace accommodations will ...
Jet-Mart's 10-hour shifts likened to slavery
New Era-2 hours ago
She said during her pregnancy a few years ago she was forced to go on early ... Namibian law on workplace health, safety and the welfare of ...
How can Kate Middleton be stressed about Prince William's ...
Headlines & Global News-Dec 11, 2016
... to read about her pregnancy, twin girls, miscarriage or divorce rumors, ... He explained that workplace stress can be "overwhelming" at times.
Delaware ranks second in CDC national survey of maternity practices
CapeGazette.com-14 hours ago
... less risk of breast and ovarian cancers, and lose pregnancy weight faster. ... Successes include supporting 2014 legislation and workplace ...
I Got Pregnant, Then a Wall Street Firm Pushed Me Out of My Job
Money Magazine-Nov 26, 2016
I explained that I believed I had been the subject of pregnancy discrimination — and that I couldn't imagine returning to a workplace that treated ...
Belfast Live
Half of NI women believe career affected negatively by pregnancy
ITV News-Nov 28, 2016
... opportunities have been negatively affected by their pregnancy or maternity leave. ... culture that promotes gender equality in the workplace.”.
Pregnant Mums Given Advice On Health And Wellbeing At Work As ...
Huffington Post UK-Nov 27, 2016
... the important link between workplace rights and healthy pregnancies. “Pregnancycan be a stressful time for many expectant mothers,” said ...
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Story image for pregnancy in the workplace from Belfast Live
Belfast Live

Half of NI women believe career affected negatively by pregnancy
ITV News-Nov 28, 2016
... opportunities have been negatively affected by their pregnancy or maternity leave. ... culture that promotes gender equality in the workplace.”.
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A 1-cent-per-ounce soda tax could raise almost $1 billion in revenue every year if more cities implement taxes on sugary drinks, according to a new study. On Wednesday, Harvard …
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