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  • Arthritis Causes & Treatments

    Everything you have ever wanted to know about causes of Arthritis. All on Yahoo Search!

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    Polite Cat Asks for Food in the Most Adorable Way. You Have to See This to Believe it

    The four-legged members of our families can be just as demanding as their two-legged counterparts when it comes to dinner time. Despite the fact that these little guys can’t communicate with us verbally, they do a pretty good job getting us to understand what they want without using a single word. Take for example the cat in this video. After many meals worth of practice, this clever cat has learned how to communicate the fact that he would like to taste his human’s food. The secret to this kitten’s method is patience. Rather than pouncing on his target and gobbling down anything he can get his paws on, he very subtly taps his human on the arm and pantomimes his request. We’ve seen cats be polite

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    Once a Cheat, Always a Cheat: How Likely Are People to Stray the Second Time Around?

    “Cheating is almost always a symptom rather than a cause of relationship problems. In other words, the relationship itself has hit hard times,” Susan says. Serial cheaters will tell themselves their cheating is justified, she argues, and that, “if they’re unhappy in a relationship, it’s OK to look elsewhere, either temporarily, or in order to find a new partner.

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      5 natural sleep aids

      Sleep restores us. And not getting enough of it can put us at greater risk of heart disease and cancer. Sleep even makes us smarter. Yet researchers are finding that more than 10 percent of the population is chronically sleep deprived. More: 50 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight If you're having trouble slipping into-and remaining in-Dreamland, don't dart straight to prescription sleep drugs, which can be habit-forming, harmful if you live with certain conditions, and even downright bizarre! (Some people develop sleep-eating and sleep-driving habits when using prescription sleeping pills.) The good news is, science has found that many foods, drinks, herbs, and other natural sleep aids can help put

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