The Top 100 Lenses in Weddings

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  1. Best Mother-Son Dance Songs1. Best Mother-Son Dance Songs

    by rms

    My son is engaged to be married and we need to find the perfect song to dance to at his wedding. I have created this interactive lens in hopes... »

  2. Top 10 Wedding Songs of All Time2. Top 10 Wedding Songs of All Time

    by Tipi

    The Top 10 Weddings Songs Of All Time are romantic love songs. If you are planning a wedding, congratulations and best wishes! Choosing the right... »

  3. Top 10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas3. Top 10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas

    by flowski

    by flowski When a family member, friend or loved one announces that their engaged to be married it's very exciting. Typically, people who are... »

  4. Wedding Wishes - Wedding Congratulations4. Wedding Wishes - Wedding Congratulations

    by EasyW

    Wishing the happy couple, "Good luck" or "Have a Happy Marriage" is so important when you attend a wedding. Many married couples look back o... »

  5. Top 10 Best Bridal Shower Gifts5. Top 10 Best Bridal Shower Gifts

    by flowski

    Weddings are very joyous occasions, and although embarking on a new life together is really exciting, it can also be very expensive for the... »

  6. Wedding Songs First Dance 20136. Wedding Songs First Dance 2013

    by katiecolette

    Looking for some great Wedding Songs First Dance ideas for your 2013 Wedding? Choosing the perfect First Dance Song is an essential part of... »

  7. Best R&B Wedding Songs7. Best R&B Wedding Songs

    by LivingInParis

    Choose from over 100 R&B wedding songs that will make your wedding day memorable. Get classic and contemporary soulful wedding songs for your... »

  8. Ideas for Buffet Tables | Setting a Buffet Table8. Ideas for Buffet Tables | Setting a Buffet Table

    by DecoratingforEvents

    Decorating buffet ideas and setting up a beautiful presentation can add so much to your event -- whether it is Easter Dinner at home, a wedding... »

  9. Top 10 Best Engagement Gifts9. Top 10 Best Engagement Gifts

    by flowski

    by flowskiWhen two people get engaged to be married it is most certainly a cause for celebration. The union of two people, old or young, who... »

  10. Top 20 Wedge Bridal Shoes10. Top 20 Wedge Bridal Shoes

    by KarateKatGraphics

    Want some height on your wedding day, without stumbling on stilletos? Wedge bridal shoes are the perfect solution. Sleek, sophisticated, and... »

  11. Top 5 Best Wedding First Dance Songs 201311. Top 5 Best Wedding First Dance Songs 2013

    by WeddingVows2065

    If you are looking for the perfect wedding first dance song, you are at the right place! As part of the wedding planning process, choosing the... »

  12. Top 5 Wedding Color Trends and Color Combinations 201312. Top 5 Wedding Color Trends and Color Combinations 2013

    by WeddingVows2065

    Are you planning to get married? Have you decided upon the color combination or color theme you are going to choose for your wedding? If no,... »

  13. Free wedding magazines and catalogs13. Free wedding magazines and catalogs

    by weddingsnews

    Searching for free wedding magazines and catalogs? Are you looking for the hottest wedding fashion trends, wedding gifts, tips and advice from... »

  14. Wedding Dresses for Second Marriages14. Wedding Dresses for Second Marriages

    by thrivingmom

    If you're planning to be a bride again, then you're probably shopping for appropriate wedding dresses for second marriages. Over time, society... »

  15. Wedding Coloring Books - Free Pages and Clipart15. Wedding Coloring Books - Free Pages and Clipart

    by Tipi

    When true love happens, weddings happen! Here you will find a Wedding Coloring Pages to print-out, and a great collection of Wedding Coloring... »

  16. Decorating Wedding Tents: Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Tent Decoration16. Decorating Wedding Tents: Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Tent Decoration

    by frances

    Looking for practical advice on how to decorate a wedding tent? Got wedding information overload? Here are some simple tips about party tent... »

  17. Red Wedding Cake ~ We Are Hot !!17. Red Wedding Cake ~ We Are Hot !!

    by EnterWeddings

    Red Wedding Cake is one of elemental symbol in red themed wedding. Red will be a marvelous color for you to choose. As a symbol of brave and... »

  18. 2013 Peacock Wedding Theme Ideas18. 2013 Peacock Wedding Theme Ideas

    by ShineRita

    Peacock inspired weddings are gaining more and more popularity, but it is not easy to find ideas and I am a huge fan of anything and everything... »

  19. Delicious Purple Wedding Cake19. Delicious Purple Wedding Cake

    by EnterWeddings

    In a term of color philosophy, purple means a natural color. If it is related to spiritual and believes, many people agree that purple is the... »

  20. Orange Wedding Cake20. Orange Wedding Cake

    by EnterWeddings

    Orange wedding cake is one of the coolest wedding cake toppers for years. In many situation, orange is a symbol of passion, enthusiastic, and... »

  21. Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations You Should Consider21. Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations You Should Consider

    by Dinaminoz

    There are plenty of honeymoon destinations, but there are Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations that tend to be the most favorite places for the honeymooners.... »

  22. Selecting Wedding Dress22. Selecting Wedding Dress

    by Dina26

    Wedding dress is so important for a woman during her wedding day. Therefore gird up from far-away days before the moment comes and wedding dress... »

  23. Funny Wedding & Marriage Quotes23. Funny Wedding & Marriage Quotes

    by karmicchristian

    There are many who believe that 'Marriage is not a word - it is a sentence!' Whether you are indeed 'married' or if you are 'single', I am sure... »

  24. French Paris Bridal Shower Party Theme24. French Paris Bridal Shower Party Theme

    by CosmeticMom

    Looking for a romantic destination bridal shower or bachelorette party theme? The newest decorating kit is our Paris party supplies! This bridal... »

  25. Handmade Wedding Invitations25. Handmade Wedding Invitations

    by GonnaFly

    Make your own handmade wedding invitations for that special touch to your wedding. The delightful invitations shown on this page are all downloadable... »

  26. Arabian Nights Theme Decor26. Arabian Nights Theme Decor

    by DecoratingforEvents

    Welcome to the world of themed Arabian Nights. Open Sesame! Genies, horses and tent cities. The title brings to mind desert nights, palm trees,... »

  27. Vintage Wedding Ideas | Travel Themed Weddings27. Vintage Wedding Ideas | Travel Themed Weddings

    by DecoratingforEvents

    Vintage style weddings are becoming more and more poular these days. Finding vintage wedding ideas that isn't "overdone", is becoming harder... »

  28. Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas28. Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas

    by Stoney2009

    Are you looking for Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas? Well you've come to the right place! The renewal of wedding vows with your partner is a great... »

  29. Wedding Balloons / Unique Wedding Reception Party Decorations29. Wedding Balloons / Unique Wedding Reception Party Decorations

    by CosmeticMom

    Looking for unique ways to decorate your wedding reception? Your wedding guests will love the the way you decorate your reception hall with party... »

  30. Wedding cake toppers cheap30. Wedding cake toppers cheap

    by pspgmrs

    The wedding takes a lot of your budget. That is why many couples are ways to reduce the cost of the cake, decorations and service charges to... »

  31. Keeping Food Cold On a Buffet31. Keeping Food Cold On a Buffet

    by DecoratingforEvents

    Keeping food cold on a buffet is not that hard -- it just takes some ingenuity, creativity and tips from professionals. Keeping hot foods hot... »

  32. Wedding Invitation Wording - Sample Wedding Invitation Wording32. Wedding Invitation Wording - Sample Wedding Invitation Wording

    by EasyW

    The wedding invitation wording is simply the words that simply say, “can you come to our wedding?” However, the wedding reception... »

  33. Mustache On A Stick33. Mustache On A Stick

    by enslavedbyfaeries

    If you haven't joined the moustache mayhem, you have no idea of the fun you're missing! A mustache on a stick is exactly what it sounds like,... »

  34. Cheap Bridal Shower Games34. Cheap Bridal Shower Games

    by janices7

    What fun is a bridal shower without games? None at all - in my opinion. Games are a fun way to break the ice and get all of your bridal shower... »

  35. Famous Wedding Quotes ~ Famous Marriage & Wedding Sayings35. Famous Wedding Quotes ~ Famous Marriage & Wedding Sayings

    by EasyW

    Here's my collection of some of the most famous wedding quotes and proverbs, marriage sayings, love quotes, wedding humor and even more cool... »

  36. Top 10 Best Maid of Honor Gifts36. Top 10 Best Maid of Honor Gifts

    by flowski

    Your Maid of Honor is not just anybody, she is your best friend, or your sister, or both. The Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor at a wedding... »

  37. Firefighter wedding cake toppers37. Firefighter wedding cake toppers

    by pspgmrs

    Each couple for their wedding as perfect as possible. All details must be handled carefully, and the wedding cake is no exception. The weddi... »

  38. Free printable bridal shower games38. Free printable bridal shower games

    by weddingsnews

    Printable bridal shower games for free you can find and choose from. It is fun and it is always a big surprise for the bride and the bridal shower... »

  39. Free Wedding Toasts & Speeches, Wedding Quotes and Jokes39. Free Wedding Toasts & Speeches, Wedding Quotes and Jokes

    by EasyW

    If you're one of those people who suddenly feel tongue-tied when you stand up in front of a crowd, the thought of giving a wedding toast probably... »

  40. Indie Rock Love Songs For Your Wedding40. Indie Rock Love Songs For Your Wedding

    by arncyn

    Choosing wedding music? These days, you are allowed -- and even encouraged -- to deviate from traditions and customize your celebration to reflect... »

  41. Wedding Coloring Pages41. Wedding Coloring Pages

    by Pastiche

    Wondering what to do with kids at a wedding? Give them wedding coloring books - romantic coloring pages of brides, weddings, hearts, flowers,... »

  42. Cheap Engagement Rings under $100 for Women42. Cheap Engagement Rings under $100 for Women

    by tokyonights7

    Welcome to my article about cheap engagement rings under $100 for women! Once upon a time, it was custom for every bride-to-be to receive an... »

  43. Blue Wedding Cake Famous and Delicious Cake43. Blue Wedding Cake Famous and Delicious Cake

    by EnterWeddings

    Almost 30% of the color in the world contains a blue. Ocean, mountain, flowers, and even a cake. Yup, a blue wedding cake is one of the most... »

  44. Theme for Prom - 201344. Theme for Prom - 2013

    by DecoratingforEvents

    It's that time of year again -- choosing a theme for prom is exciting, terrifying and you are always second guessing yourself. Choosing a theme... »

  45. 100 Best Indie Wedding Alternative Dance Songs 201345. 100 Best Indie Wedding Alternative Dance Songs 2013

    by WeddingVows2065

    Are you looking for alternative music for your wedding reception? Why not consider Indie music, personalized music with a twist, different from... »

  46. Fun wedding cake toppers46. Fun wedding cake toppers

    by scanzin

    Put the fun wedding cake toppers wedding cake has become a popular way to spend a few unique to add to your reception. Your guests will have... »

  47. Perfect Mother of the Bride Speeches47. Perfect Mother of the Bride Speeches

    by Wedding_Mom

    As the Mother of the Bride, you'll be expected to play a significant role in the wedding, the reception, and to invest a lot of time and emotion... »

  48. Wedding Jokes and Humor ~ Marriage Jokes ~ Wedding One-Liners48. Wedding Jokes and Humor ~ Marriage Jokes ~ Wedding One-Liners

    by EasyW

    Laughing at a wedding has become a great tradition, no matter the type of ceremony. It seems that wedding jokes and wedding humor are very much... »

  49. Las Vegas Theme Decor49. Las Vegas Theme Decor

    by DecoratingforEvents

    Las Vegas party themes are very popular for all types of events -- weddings, birthdays, rehearsal dinners, proms, bridal showers, charity events... »

  50. Wholesale Bulk Wedding Centerpieces, Wedding Candle Holders and Lanterns50. Wholesale Bulk Wedding Centerpieces, Wedding Candle Holders and Lanterns

    by sotiro

    Buy wholesale bulk wedding centerpieces, candleholders, candle lanterns and candelabra's at www.shopatusm.com. We have a large selection of wedding... »

  51. Green Wedding Cake : Fresh Look of Wedding Cake51. Green Wedding Cake : Fresh Look of Wedding Cake

    by EnterWeddings

    Have you ever seen a green wedding cake? Let me introduce you one of the coolest attractive wedding cake decorations in the town. Green is a... »

  52. Top 50 Best Wedding Invitations Cards 201352. Top 50 Best Wedding Invitations Cards 2013

    by ZazzleEnchante

    Looking for elegant & unique wedding invitations?! Want to send truly beautiful, awesome, one-of-a-kind invitations, designed by some of the... »

  53. Best Wedding Bouquet Toss Songs 201353. Best Wedding Bouquet Toss Songs 2013

    by WeddingVows2065

    Are you looking for the most requested bouquet tossing songs? If so, you might be at the right place. It is a fact that one of the wedding traditions... »

  54. Old Hollywood Themes | Vintage Hollywood Decor Ideas54. Old Hollywood Themes | Vintage Hollywood Decor Ideas

    by danthemans

    The elegance, sophistication and glamor of Vintage Hollywood themes (aka "Old Hollywood Wedding" or "Classic Hollywood"), should come out in... »

  55. Brown Wedding Cake55. Brown Wedding Cake

    by EnterWeddings

    Brown wedding cake is one of conventional tradition in wedding ceremony. The tradition itself belong to belief that bringing a sweet and a delicious... »

  56. Funny Best Man Speech56. Funny Best Man Speech

    by camshaw007

    Hey, Cam here. If you are stuck, and don`t know how to write a funny best man speech, then you have found the right place. This will help you... »

  57. Redneck Wedding Cake Toppers57. Redneck Wedding Cake Toppers

    by A-Redneck

    Redneck wedding cake toppers are as unique as are the Rednecks who are busy tying the knot that day. Let's face it, Rednecks are down home country... »

  58. Yellow Wedding Cake58. Yellow Wedding Cake

    by EnterWeddings

    Yellow wedding cake is very exciting wedding cake to be selected. As one of the element of basic colors, yellow is the symbol of new hope and... »

  59. Black Wedding Cake : Cool and Delicious Cake59. Black Wedding Cake : Cool and Delicious Cake

    by EnterWeddings

    Do you like a touch of chocolate on your wedding cake? A black wedding cake is one of the most delicious wedding cake in the house. The essence... »

  60. WEDDINGS! Purple Themed Wedding60. WEDDINGS! Purple Themed Wedding

    by ResearchAddict

    Here you'll find wedding supplies in all hues of purple - royal, violet, lavender, lilac, plum, eggplant, and more! Also pretty purple weddi... »

  61. 5 Websites Offering Free Wedding Invitation Templates61. 5 Websites Offering Free Wedding Invitation Templates

    by mitchwah

    The wedding day is one of the most important event in a woman's life. It is a heartwarming ceremony, the beginning of a wonderful new life a... »

  62. Handfasting ~ A Wedding Ritual62. Handfasting ~ A Wedding Ritual

    by RickBasset

    We have all heard the expressions "tied the knot" or "giving one's hand in marriage". But have you ever wondered where those sayings came from?... »

  63. Top 10 Best Groomsmen Gifts63. Top 10 Best Groomsmen Gifts

    by flowski

    by flowski So you've selected the best man for your wedding. He'll assist you throughout the wedding planning stages and on the day of the event.... »

  64. Hollywood Themes | Movie Theme64. Hollywood Themes | Movie Theme

    by DecoratingforEvents

    Hollywood Themes are popular and fun for many types of events such as weddings, proms, birthday parties, rehearsal dinners and more. The key... »

  65. The Perfect Hotel Gift Bag for Wedding Guests65. The Perfect Hotel Gift Bag for Wedding Guests

    by amberchina

    Your wedding guests are traveling from near and far to be with you on your special day. Show your gratitude with a gift bag upon their arrival... »

  66. Cambodia Khmer Wedding66. Cambodia Khmer Wedding

    by aesta1

    Weddings among the Khmer majority in Cambodia are marvellously complex 3-day festivals of rituals and rites with the bride and groom going through... »

  67. Simple Wedding Plans67. Simple Wedding Plans

    by EricOlsen

    This is an easy, step by step guide, to help you Create The Wedding of Your Dreams! From choosing the perfect wedding dress to locating the perfect... »

  68. Rustic Weddings - All About Burlap At A Rustic Wedding68. Rustic Weddings - All About Burlap At A Rustic Wedding

    by RusticWeddingGuy

    Rustic Weddings are all the rage these days. Every day brides are choosing to create unique, distinctive and memorable events for their special... »

  69. Top 10 Best Man Gifts69. Top 10 Best Man Gifts

    by flowski

    It doesn't matter whether your best man is your best friend from childhood, your dad, or the brother you always argued with, you two are practically... »

  70. Engagement Rings / Wedding Ring Sets for Her70. Engagement Rings / Wedding Ring Sets for Her

    by CosmeticMom

    The best way to find beautiful, discount wedding ring sets and engagement rings, is to turn to the rings inspired by celebrities and jewelry... »

  71. DIY Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates71. DIY Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates

    by CosmeticMom

    DIY, crafting, and creating your wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, programs, and party favors is a great way to save money for the Do-it-Yourself... »

  72. Bridal Shower Something Blue Theme72. Bridal Shower Something Blue Theme

    by CosmeticMom

    Something Blue is from a wedding poem and tradition that has been practiced for years to give the Bride-to-be "good luck" before she walks down... »

  73. Best Wedding Dollar Dance Songs 201373. Best Wedding Dollar Dance Songs 2013

    by WeddingVows2065

    Are you looking for the best wedding dollar dance song? If you are searching for the perfect dollar dance song, you are at the right place! Although... »

  74. Beach Wedding Theme, Decorations and Invitations74. Beach Wedding Theme, Decorations and Invitations

    by CosmeticMom

    Many couples are looking for a unique, destination theme for their wedding! A popular idea for the Summer and other months, is the romantic Beach... »

  75. Movie Theme Wedding Invitations and Ideas for a Fun Hollywood Movie Wedding75. Movie Theme Wedding Invitations and Ideas for a Fun Hollywood Movie Wedding

    by EyePoppingInvitations

    Best Selection of Movie Theme Wedding Invitations and Ideas Are you looking for a fun yet fabulous theme for your wedding? Have you considered... »

  76. Best Wedding Freebies76. Best Wedding Freebies

    by LindaWhite

    Weddings are expensive enough and with the economy in turmoil, it make sense to find anything that will cut the final cost of your wedding. We... »

  77. The Ten Most Popular Wedding Flowers and What You Should Know Before Choosing Them77. The Ten Most Popular Wedding Flowers and What You Should Know Before Choosing Them

    by Kylyssa

    Many couples do not consider the availability of particular flowers during the time of year they plan to marry when choosing flowers for their... »

  78. Best Mother Of The Bride Dresses78. Best Mother Of The Bride Dresses

    by boutiqueshops

    Mom, your daughter is getting married soon, Congratulations! Do you worry that you won't be able to find the best Mother Of The Bride dress to... »

  79. Top 10 Best Wedding Bands Rings 201379. Top 10 Best Wedding Bands Rings 2013

    by ZazzleEnchante

    Looking for elegant, and beautiful wedding bands for men?! Want to buy a special wedding band for an equally special person in your life?! I... »

  80. Best Maid of Honour Speeches80. Best Maid of Honour Speeches

    by BestWeddingSpeeches

    Maid of honour speeches have become more popular in recent years. While, I am sure that you are thrilled to be chosen as maid of honour for your... »

  81. Cheapest wedding invitations packages81. Cheapest wedding invitations packages

    by weddingsnews

    Find the best way to choose the cheapest wedding invitations sets. Are you planning your wedding? Are you over the budget and you need the wedding... »

  82. Rustic Country Western Wedding Invitations82. Rustic Country Western Wedding Invitations

    by CustomPartyInvitations

    Announce your country wedding in western style with one of these unique rustic country wedding invitations, personalized with your details, and... »

  83. 50+ Elegant Wedding Programs83. 50+ Elegant Wedding Programs

    by Rewards4life

    One of the first things your guests will see, and will carry with them long after the ceremony, is the wedding program. Your choice of wedding... »

  84. Best Wedding Flowers For Every Month84. Best Wedding Flowers For Every Month

    by Ilona1

    Every month has its seasonal flowers. To obtain the freshest, most beautiful, available, and affordable flowers, it helps to know what is in... »

  85. DIY Wedding Food Ideas on a Budget85. DIY Wedding Food Ideas on a Budget

    by emmalarkins

    DIY wedding food is certainly not for everyone. If you're serving hundreds of people, the logistics are kind of a nightmare. And if you don't... »

  86. Best Wedding Father-Daughter Dance Songs86. Best Wedding Father-Daughter Dance Songs

    by WeddingVows2065

    Choosing the perfect song for the father-daughter wedding dance can be quite a headache. Being a very emotional moment expressing oneself can... »

  87. Circus Theme | Vintage Weddings87. Circus Theme | Vintage Weddings

    by DecoratingforEvents

    With vintage weddings still going strong, brides are now looking to more focused or micro-themes to set themselves apart in the world of vintage... »

  88. Peacock Feather Wedding/Bridal Bouquets - Flower Arrangement Ideas For Peacock Themed Weddings88. Peacock Feather Wedding/Bridal Bouquets - Flower Arrangement Ideas For Peacock Themed Weddings

    by divacratus

    If you are organizing a peacock themed wedding, you should opt for a peacock feather bridal bouquet rather than using an ordinary one. Peacock... »

  89. Weddings | Ancient Greece Theme89. Weddings | Ancient Greece Theme

    by DecoratingforEvents

    Weddings, Ancient Greece is a resource to inspire the decor for your wedding or event. Whether you are using an Ancient Greece for your wedding... »

  90. Bridal Shower Cookbook Recipe Binder90. Bridal Shower Cookbook Recipe Binder

    by rms

    One of my favorite bridal shower traditions is the sharing of the recipes with the bride-to-be. This is a super way to help the (probably) new... »

  91. Best Wedding Gowns for 201391. Best Wedding Gowns for 2013

    by HeartyCindy

    Here is Your List. Looking for Wedding Gowns that will click for the year 2013? This is what you have been looking for. Bridal and Wedding Gown... »

  92. Wedding Wands - How to make ribbon wands for Homemade Wedding Favors and Gifts92. Wedding Wands - How to make ribbon wands for Homemade Wedding Favors and Gifts

    by lovegrowth

    For my wedding on June 24th, 2012 I made 70 wedding wands. My venue did not allow rice to be thrown so when I was researching an alternative... »

  93. Bridal Showers93. Bridal Showers

    by elsiecreason

    Planning how to organize a bridal shower can be daunting. There are many things to take into consideration when planning a bridal shower: fo... »

  94. Best Baseball Wedding Invitations and Ideas for your Baseball Themed Wedding94. Best Baseball Wedding Invitations and Ideas for your Baseball Themed Wedding

    by EyePoppingInvitations

    You're in love with each other... and BASEBALL! A baseball themed wedding is the perfect way to pull your passions together for a wedding that's... »

  95. How to Set a Buffet Table | Tips for Self Catering95. How to Set a Buffet Table | Tips for Self Catering

    by DecoratingforEvents

    How do you set a buffet table? Is there a certain formula? Buffets are a mainstay our society -- whether it is a potluck or pitch-in party, something... »

  96. Wedding Bridal Bolero Jackets and Shrugs96. Wedding Bridal Bolero Jackets and Shrugs

    by lakeerieartists

    With the present trend for strapless wedding dresses, bridal boleros have never been so fashionable. On this page are a selection of great wedding... »

  97. Best Advice for the Bride and Groom97. Best Advice for the Bride and Groom

    by rms

    My son is getting married soon and I thought it might be fun to collect some marriage tips for him and his beautiful bride-to-be before the big... »

  98. Turquoise Blue Themed Wedding Trends 201398. Turquoise Blue Themed Wedding Trends 2013

    by Pennyseeker

    You can call it an aqua wedding theme, a beach wedding or turquoise wedding! If you are looking for turquoise blue wedding theme ideas, then... »

  99. Peacock Themed Wedding99. Peacock Themed Wedding

    by RickBasset

    What better way to proclaim your Love for one another than with the Bold and Beautiful Colors of The Majestic Peacock! Imagine the elegant Celebration... »

  100. Need a Theme for Prom?100. Need a Theme for Prom?

    by DecoratingforEvents

    Continuing the Theme for Prom series, here are 4 more ideas with some detailed suggestions for you to consider for your high school prom this... »