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Can you put a microchip in a child?by MomsBLOGS WORKatHOME MOMS.blog. 
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Can you put a microchip in a child?
As Mr. Morris explained, it is not currently possible to microchip kids as if they were puppies. The chips behind dogs' ears are merely barcodes, so they can be identified if they turn up at the pound—they're not GPS trackers.

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What is a gizmo gadget?
The Gizmo Gadget is not a toy, it is an actual cell phone that you, the parent, control. Your child can only call and text numbers that you have inputted. 

You can also track their location and set up a geofence, so you can be alerted when they leave a certain area.
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What is a gizmo watch?
The purpose of the Gizmo Gadget is a Communication device: phone, predetermined text to caregiver, voice mails (send/receiving), a gps tracker, activity tracker, 

and todo list.
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