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The Big 3 Things You Need To Succeed Online!

The things that you do to promote your website can either make or break your ambitions to succeed in your online endeavors. In this article,  The Big 3 
- Opt in email list 
- Write articles 
- Start an ezine

will work together to build your business and succeed online

1). Opt In Email List

Your email list is probably the most important part of your online business. This should be the very first thing you should work on once you have your site is up and going.

You will want to build your own list and gain the confidence of your clients. You will want to become the expert in their eyes. Take the time to learn everything you can about whatever it is that you decide to do with your online business.

Stay away from the people who will tell you that they will blast your ad to a whole bunch of opt-in emails. Most of the email boxes these get sent to are just dump mailboxes.

Buying lists is also a waste of time because most of the emails come from people who harvest emails from classified ads or free for all pages (FFA pages).

Building your own list is the best way to go. This brings us to step two.

2). Writing Articles

Most people will say they are not a writer. If you can write a letter you can write an article. Just believe that you are trying to explain to a friend how you would do something.

Make the article compelling so that people will want to read it. Writing articles is a subject all by itself.

Writing articles is a quick way to become the expert about your product and drive large amounts of people looking for what you have to offer to your website.

Write your articles and have them published ln the ezines, is probably the number one way to promote your business.

3). Start Your Own Ezine,

After you start to write articles you will want to start an ezine, for three reasons: 
1. It will build your very own opt-in list. 
2. It will be a way to advertise your products directly to your very own list. 
3. After you build a decent list you will be able to start selling advertising space in your ezine, newsletter.

With your own ezine, you are the publisher. It is a very good way to get your message out to the target audience that you are looking for. Remember they opted in to receive what you have to say. You are the expert.

To your success:

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