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Table of Contents
20 Chapters
350+ Sources
112 Videos
1…Introduction Video
2…Jobs, Education and Training
3…Daily Bills and Expenses
4...Health Care and Prescription Drugs
5...Dental Care
6…Vet Bills and Pet Food
8…Free Tax Help
9…Local People Who Find You Money and Help
10…How Creating a Second Income Increases Your Business Success
11…How The Internet Economy Is Changing the Way We Keep Cash Coming In 
12…Websites to Get Full-Time, Part-Time, or One-Time Jobs  
13…Websites for One-of-a-Kind Jobs     
14…Make Money with All or Part of Your Home or Boat or Someone Else’s
15…Make Money with Your Car
16…Money from All Your Other Stuff
17…Make Money Educating Others with Your Skills
18…Creating a “Crowdfunding Failure” Is Easiest & Cheapest Way to Grow Any Business
19…How to Choose the Right Crowdfunding Platform
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