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The Children's Aid Society created "a foster care approach that became the basis for the federal Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997" called Concurrent Planning. This greatly impacted the foster care system...

Foster parenting, also known as co-parenting, is when you have a temporary obligation towards a child who comes into care. The State places children in foster care because the biological parent neglect or abuse the child. The natural parents are ordered by a judge to take parenting courses, behavior management courses or whatever necessary so that they may get their children back along with a date in which to do it.
Of course, there are many differences between foster care and adoption, ranging from the trivial to the significant. After a child is adopted and post placement visits have occurred, a social worker will no longer be a regular guest at your home. The child will have your last name.

John was a superficially charming fourteen-year-old lad with bright red hair and a ready smile. I met John soon after I began my first appointment as a Clinical Psychologist. John was a Ward of the State.
A foster parent home study can be a stressful process, especially the home study interview. In this article I list five topics that will likely be included in your interview and potential questions for each category.
Those looking into adoption and foster care need to realize that if they wish to give their foster child a permanent home, the process of finalizing the adoption could be a long one. It takes around a year or so. If a foster parent wants to adopt the child in his or her care, or someone just wants to directly adopt a child in the system, all that is involved can seem confusing and overwhelming. With this said, it helps to have some tips on hand that break down the legal process piece by piece.
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Being a foster parent is not an easy task. On the other hand, it is a noble thing to do and can bring the foster parent a lot of rewards. You must, however, be careful with foster children.
When an allegation of child abuse leads to the removal of a child from his or her familiar surroundings, the overwhelming feelings of fear and helplessness can leave lifelong scars on the child. Needed: Loving families capable of loving and nurturing these children to help minimize the scarring. Are YOU up to the challenge?
To be assessed as a foster carer in the UK and following the initial visit and the decision to proceed, the Fostering Agency social worker will arrange to start the assessment. The assessment will involve about ten home visits from the assessing social worker who will also visit the referees and any other relevant people.
Instead of the love and parental guidance that children need to develop normal emotional lives, government-paid psychiatrists armed with nothing more than batteries of psychiatric drugs -- most of them untested and unapproved for children -- are creating drug dependencies among millions of American kids in foster care. Unless these kids get into drug detox to escape the nightmare psych-drug trap into which they've been forced, a hollow life of drug dependence may be their only future.
Learn about the full benefits that parents receive when adoption a child. Between your emotional and fiscal needs, it's a wise decision for many families. And after the recent Supreme Court decision, this includes families of every shape and style!
What Does a Foster Care Worker Do? They usually have a genuine love for children. Finding temporary homes for children who have been neglected, abused or abandoned is only part of the job.

Adoption of abused and neglected children through the foster care system. Why become a foster or adoptive parent and what is adoption all about?
Approximately 800,000 children end up in a foster care home in America each year. Foster care is designed to help orphaned, abandoned and abused children find homes where they are safe and can receive proper care until a more stable home environment can be found for them. The problem is that the American foster care system is loosely organized and makes living situations hard on the kids involved by not meeting their individual needs fully.
There are nearly 400,000 children living in foster care placement in the United States. This statistic is quite shocking. To properly put this into perspective - there are the same number of children in foster care as roughly the populations of the following cities (each with populations around 400,000 as of the last census): Arlington, TX, Wichita, KS, Cleveland, OH, Minneapolis, MN, Tulsa, OK, Oakland, CA and Miami, FL.

Foster care is a wonderful way to help children who are in need of love and attention. However, good intentions will only get you so far. Find out what questions you should be asking before you accept a placement.
Those of us who live within the foster care system often at times find it to be somewhat less than perfect! We may feel that a particular case is taking much too long to be resolved. Or perhaps the targeted end goal for a foster child is not one that we agree with. Sometimes we just feel as though the whole foster system is too full of holes.
Many people are interested in adopting a child. Some of them could not conceive on their own while others simply want to extend their help. Learn important things you should know about this big responsibility.
With the passage in the Philippines of the Foster Care Act (FCA) in 2012, children suited for adoption now have a chance at finding a family atmosphere faster. Before FCA, adoption is filed in court and as we all know, court proceedings take years before completion. This is true despite the fact that 90% of adoption proceedings are non-adversarial.
Caring for toddlers requires a structured schedule with built-in play time, supportive adults, a rich environment and non-punitive discipline. Children in such an environment will thrive, learning about themselves and the world around them.
About 10,000 Americans and Canadians become unexpected and unprepared caregivers daily. It turns out most people don't receive caregiver training in caring for an elderly family member. Many of us are suddenly thrown into the position of a caregiver, without warning, due to an illness, injury, or surgery. This article provides a few valuable tips when starting out on your care giving journey.
Are you as tired of this me, me, me perspective of life as I am? Have you been blessed with a home, a decent income, and the sweet companionship of a loving spouse, perhaps even children - and yet suddenly you've had the uncomfortable feeling of living just for yourselves; you've detected the "me, me, me" perspective in your own life? You have been given so much, you keep thinking, and then comes the question - is it possibly the time now that I, or we, are to give something in return to someone not as blessed - not our money, but the giving of ourselves, the sharing of ourselves with a special someone - perhaps a foster care adopted child?
Foster care adoption programs give you the opportunity to give shelter to an orphan and give him a family. Know more about such programs and how you can make a difference.
Child Advocates Can Help Emancipating Foster Care Youth with Local and National Resources. Foster care youth graduating in June face a grim transition to adulthood. Child advocates can help provide resources to ease the journey to independence.