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Apsense Honor Points And Badges by Jason Descheneaux T R A F F I C - I S - S U C C E S S
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APSENSE Honor Points

Honor points are simply an indicator of your activity on the site. The More honor points you have the more activity you have had on the site.

How it Works

As you gain honor points you move up member levels. At some member level you may gain additional benefits

Member levels

LevelHonor PointsName of Level
Level 10-20Junior Member
Level 220-50Freshman Member
Level 350-100Innovator Member
Level 4100-500Advanced Member (Advanced Members and above may begin to create their own groups)
Level 5500-1000Senior Member
Level 61000-2000Committed Member (Committed Members and above may approve member profile photos)
Level 72000-5000Professional Member
Level 85000-10000Magnate Level I
Level 910000-20000Magnate Level II
Level 1020000-30000Magnate Level III
Level 1130000-50000Tycoon Level I
Level 1250000-70000Tycoon Level II
Level 1370000-90000Tycoon Level III
Level 1490000 and HigherAPSense Hall Of Fame
How to gain Honor Points

Many members ask how to gain honor points. The specific details of how to attain honor points will not be explained to prevent manipulation of the system. All members need to know is be active. Contribute quality content and interact with your fellow members.

Honor points are updated weekly.

Honor Points and Privileges

Junior members may not create groups. That privilege is granted when you reach the Freshman Member level

Committed Members

Profile Photo Review is another privilege you gain through honor points. Only Committed Members and above(1000+ HP) may approve member profile photos.

The following is a list of unacceptable Main APSense Profile photo choices:

  • 1. Cartoons
  • 2. Celebrities
  • 3. Logos
  • 4. Children/pets
  • 5. Inappropriate or Racy Photos
  • 6. Photos that do not fit the profile name
  • 7. Sunsets and other scenery
  • 8. Mascots
  • 9. Photos of Headless bodies
  • 10. Group Photos

APSense Badges

LevelHonor Points
Verified MemberMade any payment on APSense by PayPal or Payza
Loyal MemberBeen a member of APSense for at least 2 years
Trusted MemberAt least 2,000 Honor Points
Top MemberAt least 15,000 Honor Points
APSense AdvisorAssigned by APSense
APSense StarAt least 50 recommendations
APSense TalentAt least 50 orders
APSense SponsorAt least spent $500 at APSense
Network LeaderAt least 2,000 downline
Super MarketerAt least 200 downline in first level
Proactive MemberCompleted at least 50 daily missions
About Jason Descheneaux      T R A F F I C - I S - S U C C E S S 2,261 connections, 70 recommendations, 8,579 honor points.
Joined APSense since, October 14th, 2012, From Quebec, Canada.

Created on Apr 18th 2016 20:01. Viewed 186 times.

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Patty Sims  Talk Education
wow, this is great. Thanks very much.
Apr 18th 2016 20:14 1 Likes  Like it  Report
Kym Martin  Business Owner
Ok this definitely helps. Thank you.
Apr 18th 2016 21:44 1 Likes  Like it  Report
Sondra C.   Virtual Entrepreneur
Very informative, thanks for sharing Jason.
Apr 18th 2016 23:24 1 Likes  Like it  Report
GuruClix Advertising  Founder/CEO - GuruClix | Best PTC
Thanks for sharing, really great!!!
Apr 19th 2016 01:25 1 Likes  Like it  Report
Vanes S.   internet marketer
thanks for good info
May 2nd 2016 04:55 1 Likes  Like it  Report
Art A.  Believe. Achieve. Receive
Thanks for putting this together Jason.. It's quite informative!
Jul 10th 2016 07:28   Like it  Report
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If you have any questions about apsense feel free to come and ask me, I will help you the best way I can. See you around!
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