• The Best Electric ShaversDid you know the best electric shavers clean and condition themselves? Our pick is from Braun.
  • Printers? The Right PrintersPicking out a printer is hard because few publications look at all of them, and fewer take the time to say, This one has too many frivolous extras. Get this cheaper one. Bryan just went and picked out the right one for photo, all-in-one and cheap laser printers that make sense for people who need [...]
  • Be Thoughtful (A Gifting Guide For Humans)One night, a friend visiting from Rome got really upset and started cursing in Italian, which is the most spectacular romance language for profanity. When I asked him what was wrong he told me other friends were taking him to Italian restaurants, night after night. And although he was too polite to say he wanted [...]
  • The Best Time I Was Too Scared To Cameraphone a Crime  Last night I cut someone off a little. I admit it, I should have waited to do the u turn but he was going kind of fast in his expensive car and well, I generally dont worry too much about the rich guys. Theyre usually sensical and mellow and you can kind of mess with [...]
  • The Right Projectors For Bringing The Movies HomeBryan just finished the rest of our projector picks. The Optoma HD20 is still the best budget projector we could find, the Panasonic PT-AE7000U is the sweet spot for high end, and the Optoma HD33 is a great mid point at $1500it was the first PJ to have 3D for less than 3 grand, too.
  • Talking To Your TV Takes MagicBill Gates once described the future of the Xbox to a few young writers as more than just gaming, and that they really built the Xbox to build the livingroom computer of tomorrow. I wondered what the equivalent of the mouse and keyboard could be in a room where we spend a good part of [...]
  • The Best Thing For Playing Music On Your Old Car StereoFM Transmitters. If youre cheap, lazy and your old car doesnt know what to do with anything other than CDs or Tapes, you need one.
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